Thursday, February 6, 2020

Blast From the Past: Pure at 1993 CMVA performing Anna

The following clip was recorded initially back in 1993 at the Much Music studios as part of the Canadian Music Video Awards. Pure performed for the very first time "Anna Is A Speedfreak" on national television. The Vancouver band had flown out to Toronto to be a part of the awards show but in order to make it on time and within budget we opted to not fly the drums and keyboards but do the song in a unique setup, with drummer Leigh consigned to playing percussion and me playing rhythm guitar on the song. A departure from our first album, Anna Is A Speekfreak signaled  the second albums sound and our adoption of a more guitar focused sound. 

This is a transfer from vhs tape made back in the 1990's on my Apple 7600 powermac. The resolution isn't great but I've tried to enhance the audio a bit so you can hear it.  

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