Friday, April 24, 2009

Sex With Strangers on KEXP!

This Saturday, April 26th, Sex With Strangers shall be recording a live performance on KEXP, Seattle, for their American radio debut. Please tune it locally or via the link on their site:

Also, later that evening they'll be sharing the stage with their friends The Keeper on at the one and only Rendezvous, Belltown. Saturday April 26th, 2009. :D

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April Events

A couple fun things this month to note from our crew.

Friday, April 17th, Combine the Victorious joins Danny Echo at the Backstage Lounge to perform songs from their latest ep Disagreements. Show opens with The Rights, Combine the Victorious is on about 10:30, Danny Echo about 11:30 and the night closes with The Control.

Saturday, April 25th, Sex With Strangers is returning to Seattle to do an in studio performance on KEXP (tune in around 8PM) and following their American radio debut will be performing at the Rendezvous that night as well. If you're in Seattle please tune in and come on down!

Sex With Strangers
also has a formidable show coming up on May 21st at the Biltmore: Lillix, SWS and Accost shall be on stage with Guilty About Girls providing DJ sets on the evening. No official invite yet, please stay tuned.

And finally, Guilty About Girls has their new EP coming out May 5th-2009: "VRGN ANGL MTRL LUV." You may preview the entire thing on today, or wait until it hits iTunes on May 5th! Massive thanks once again to Rob Edmonds for his fantastic cover art! (a show from him is well overdue... right Rob?)

Cheers and have a good week. Hope you can make the show at the Backstage. If not, hope to see you in May.