Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Records In My Life now has a Patreon Page

After over three years of making the series Records In My Life, Charles and I are looking for some assistance in creating the series.  One way we are offering is via our new Patreon page. Patreon allows for people to provide small monthly sponsorships, or patronage, that we can then use to help pay for operating expenses and eventually use to upgrade our gear, and hire other people to add to our team. 

If you have been enjoying our show and would like to help us out please click thru to the link below:

There will be unique content, behind the scenes footage, special merchandise, and for the very generous patron we will include you in the credits of upcoming episodes. Podcasts have been made but not released yet, and there are several excellent interviews we've shot over the years that could be made available in their complete form, without edits, for our Patreon subscribers. If you are a substantial patron we'll even allow you the option of choosing which videos you'd like to see made available. 

We hope you'll consider helping us continue to make the series.  Each year we've improved, our guests have come from even more varied places and the show has gained in its professionalism and style.  With your help we can continue to grow and bring you more artists and music to explore and discover. 

Thanks for reading, and hope you can give us a bit of support! Cheers
Mark Henning