Monday, September 19, 2011

Robert Edmonds "Voice Echo" Opening Party

Our resident graphic artist-designer Robert Edmonds has a new opening this Wednesday at Walrus.

A series of Limited Edition Letterpress prints.

"Juxtaposing words within a singular quote from artists, authors, musicians, thinkers, to explore new meanings and sharpen the existing text by focusing the words."

Please join us for the opening reception here at the store:

3408 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Wednesday, September 21st: 6 - 9pm

please vist Rob at his own blog for more images and stories!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

California by Combine the Victorious

A silence of over a year is ended with the release of a new Combine the Victorious track: California (featuring the impressive vocals of Ingrid Schroeder). 

This is the second time CV has worked with Ingrid, the first being on the song "Please" from the 2008 release Disagreements.   With a soaring epic feel that evokes sun-soaked road trips across the golden state, California is just the first song from the upcoming third album by Combine the Victorious. 

California, what the hell happened to you
You were once part of my own golden dream

A long drive to a pink motel
We hugged the coast in a car we bought to sell
Midday heat shimmer ripples and blurs
Where the road and the sky in the distance merge

And I think of the times you were a state of mind
I still think of the times


Lying on the bed, I remember it all
Too hot to sleep, got some ice down the hall
Put it in the bath, drank beer as we sang along to the radio...the radio

And I think of the times you were a state of mind
Snow globe with a Hollywood sign


My turn at the wheel through Monterey
Stopped for gas, a photograph, headed for LA
And all the views rush by
Palm trees push up through the sky...up through the sky...


And I think of the times you were a state of mind...think of the times
And I think of the times
Yeah, I still think of the times

music and lyrics: Henning, Schroeder

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

inside Sex With Strangers

Isabelle Dunlop has made a short clip reviewing the escapades Sex With Strangers had at The Peak Performance Project Bootcamp.   Everyone involved has been extremely positive about the experience, from faculty through to this year's crop of exceptionally talented bands.  The showcases should prove to be really fun to watch!