Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Video - The Town Pants "Sorrow"

Just spent the weekend editing a new video together for The Town Pants - everyone's favorite West Coast Celtic band.   They had headlined a show at Venue as part of the Celtic Fest here in Vancouver a couple weekends back.  After a brief series of shows in New York state surrounding St. Patrick's day they returned and we started looking at the footage.  The following video, their version of Bad Religion's song Sorrow, was shot at Venue and subsequently edited here in the Boutique Empire studio.

Have a look, I think it really conveys the spirit of the band and shows off the energy of their live show.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Last Days of Mushroom Studio

A great venerable recording studio in Canada is closing it's doors this week.  Hipposonic (more popularly remembered as Mushroom Studio) has been sold and this country's equivalent to Abbey Road is shutting its doors forever.  It is with both regret and some selfish excitement that I can announce that we'll be in there tomorrow evening to record a new Guilty About Girls song with Jordy Birch and Lucas T Poth.   These last day sessions are part of owner Rob Darch's desire to offer something memorable and historic to the audio community before we witness the departure of his great sounding studio.   Tomorrow should prove an emotional day, but I'm excited to be a part of one last sessions before it transforms into an office space.

An additional note for posterity is that we've asked John Webster to help record our session.  Way back in the late eighties John once produced Jordy and Todd Simko's first band After All.  Even though Todd is no longer with us I think it's a rather pleasant way to say goodbye to one of my favorite studios anywhere in the world, and rather poetic for Jordy to retrace a few old steps from his past.

Please stay tuned for the reveal of the song Riot Riot  a moody piece that I'm suspecting many old fans of Pure might be pleasantly surprised to hear.  Another great song from Mr. Birch.

Thanks for reading,
Mark Henning