Saturday, September 22, 2012

New series from Robert Edmonds

Currently hanging at the walls of the Isabelle Dunlop pop up shop on 3573 Main Street this weekend is the new Hasting's Park inspired series from Rob Edmonds.  Following the technique he's been refining over the past few years, he has four large racing horse themes paintings on display.

for more information regarding these or any other artwork from Robert Edmonds,
please contact him at:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Movie news - Random Acts of Romance

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of two Boutique Empire artists on the soundtrack of a new locally shot comedy called Random Acts of Romance.

Over the past summer we were approached about licensing songs for a new independent film shot here in Vancouver.  The trailer below looks great and features the Sex With Strangers song "We Want the Fire."  Another song, "Dancefloor" by Guilty About Girls is also included in the movie, apparently it is used prominently during the closing scene and credits.

From the few moments I've seen everything looks really good, and I can say we're all quite looking forward to catching its premiere in October.

Thanks again to everyone involved, you've been great people to meet and we wish you the greatest success with your motion picture!

Check it out!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Isabelle Dunlop fall fashions

Sept 22nd/23rd  

Isabelle Dunlop will be having her fall collection on display at Main St., Vancouver.  She has a wide selection of coloured wool shawls and scarves as well as her brand new pea coat made from Buffalo check plaid wool (as featured in the Georgia Straight last week).  

In addition to the pea coat Isabelle has several new colours of scarves and shawls, the wool freshly arrived from the Shetland isles of Scotland.

The pop up shop will be happening at the former Birkeland Brothers Wool shop at 3573 Main street,  near the corner of Main and 20th Avenue. Special thanks again to Cara Birkeland for offering her site for the sale.

Saturday Sept 22nd 12-8 PM
Sunday Sept 23rd 12-6
Cash or cheque only.