Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Tokyo Steel out October 20th 2009

Yes that's right, the official release date for Sex With Strangers new album is October 20th 2009.

Sex With Strangers presents: THE TOKYO STEEL

Track order is;
1] Tokyo Steel
2] New City Anthem
3] We Want the Fire
4] Shibuya 10;13PM
5] Sharpen the Knife
6] Last of the Unreals
7] The Dawn of Sexy
8] Asakusa 12:13AM
9] (The Part Where You) Surrender
10] We Are the Ones
11] Only Where Night Allows
12] Shinagawa 2:13AM
13] I Will Be the Last One

More information to follow as we near the release date.

Monday, August 10, 2009

First Anniversary Party- Result are in!

Another brilliant night of music, comedy, dancing and well... more music! Lot's of drinking was had as well, judging from the crowd as they exited the Railway Club in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Our first anniversary was a success! We had a fantastic crowd, seemed as though everyone had a great time and both Combine the Victorious and Sex With Strangers played inspired sets.

The evening began with a solid and professional set from up and comers Accost. The four piece performed songs from their debut EP, and opened the evening with a confident stride. Expect more from them, they have a strong style already.

Combine the Victorious followed with their debut performance as an electronic duo. Isabelle showed off her new keyboard chops and sang more beautifully than ever. Mark was busy playing, singing, and drumming, they both had a great time transforming the songs from The World Over and Disagreements into their new minimalist set. Harmonies came to be the feature of their sound, and the guest violin of Mr. Hugh Ellenwood allowed them to create an allusion to electronic chamber music. Both were pleased with their performance and the resulting new sound. Hopefully new music will be forthcoming soon.

Vancouver comedy troupe The Skinny joined the fun, and entertained the excited crowd with a droll set of sketch comedy: all part of their X-Ray Theatre set. Despite battling sound problems they had the crowd laughing and left the stage buzzing.

After a brief setup Sex With Strangers pumped up the volume with their enormous and exuberant brand of robot rock. They had the people dancing and throbbing to the songs from The Modern Seduction as well as a few sneak previews of tracks from their forthcoming new album The Tokyo Steel. The audience was packing the front of the Railway, absorbing the energy. In a switch up they even managed to exit the stage without breaking between bands, as The Keeper, up from Seattle for the night, immediately transitioned onto their gear and began a humongous set of grooving metal. No shortage of enthusiasm in their set!

We'd like to thank everyone for coming out and sharing in the fun. The vibe was great and from the feedback we heard apparently it was a success on every level!

Stayed tuned for more information about the new Sex With Strangers album: The Tokyo Steel. Expected to ship in October 2009!