Friday, October 6, 2023

New single from Combine the Victorious


Combine the Victorious released their new single today, Oct 6th 2023. 


I Really Like Your Style

Words and Music by Dunlop, Henning, Clement

Recorded and mixed at Boutique Empire Studio

Vancouver, BC Canada 

Produced and engineered by Mark Henning

Artwork and graphic design by Rober Edmonds

Lead vocals: Isabelle Dunlop

Backing vocals: Mark Henning, Daniel Clement

Guitars: Dnaiel Clement

Bass, keyboards and drum programming: Mark Henning

Violin: Johanna Sö

Congas: Greg Hanberry

Live jazz drums: Matt Brain

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Monday, July 17, 2023

Canadian Shield - Headlong Hearts

 Headlong Hearts has released their new single "Canadian Shield" this month a year after their debut album What We Call Forever was released. 

Canadian Shield is a uniquely Canadian song as it described the long drives we all take across our vast nation and the potential shortcomings of making such a road trip with an incompatible passenger!

Check it out today!


Released July 1 2023

Produced by Headlong Hearts

Recorded and mixed by Mark Henning

Mastered by Ryan Dahle

Recorded at Boutique Empire Studio

Artwork by Robert Edmonds


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Monday, February 27, 2023

Rushes Over Me - Combine the Victorious video

Rushes Over Me (official video) - Combine the Victorious

Release date: Feb 27 2023

Produced by Boutique Empire

Director, editor: M R Henning

Camera operators: M R Henning, Isabelle Dunlop

Filmed at Boutique Empire Studio, Vancouver, Canada


Isabelle Dunlop - vocals

Mark Roland Henning - bass

Daniel Clement -guitar

Felix Taylor - Trumpet

Leigh Grant - Drums

Greg Hanberry - Congas


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