Monday, May 30, 2011

New Single from Guilty About Girls

A lovely laid back summer time song.   Two versions currently available.

Artist: Guilty About Girls
Song Title: Riviera
Release: BE11011

Or listen on bandcamp
Guilty About Girls - Riviera (AM Mix) by guiltyaboutgirls

Friday, May 27, 2011

Video Premier from Sex With Strangers

Brand new video from Sex With Strangers - Born Again Liars Social Club.  Produced once again by the brilliant folks at BKS Crew, this is the first video from the new "Frontier Justice" album.

Video produced by BKS Crew Productions.
Directed/Shot/Edited by Brett Harvey.
Producer Stephen Green.
Production Assistant Jody Nelson

Download link: iTunes Music Store

Monday, May 23, 2011

First big show of the Summer

Guilty About Girls and Sex With Strangers have teamed up to put together their first big show of the summer.

The Peak 100.5 FM & The Georgia Straight present:
Guilty About Girls
with guests Sex With Strangers
and introducing Young Pacific
Friday June 3rd at Venue (881 Granville Street, Vancouver, Canada)
EARLY SHOW - doors 7PM

It is s CD Release party for Guilty About Girls as their debut has been released thru Black Top Records this spring.  It features the single "Candy Candy"- as seen on Much Music.

Sex With Strangers is supporting their fourth album - Frontier Justice - and is just about to debut the first video from that album for the track Born Again Liars Social Club.   Below is their first video for New City Anthem, still a huge fan favorite.

Special Guests Young Pacific are making a stir with their fresh blend of west coast pop and guitar driven charm.

Doors at 7Pm
Young Pacific on at 7:30
Sex With Strangers on at 8PM
Guilty About Girls on at 9PM

There will be cd's on hand as well as posters to commemorate the evening.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Born Again Liars Social Club - video shoot

Sex With Strangers, under the expert production of the BKS Crew once again, has begun filming the video for their new song "Born Again Liars Social Club."  While the ideas behind the video are not known the band has shared a few images on their Facebook page.

check out the original song on the band's bandcamp page.  

Friday, May 6, 2011

Guilty About Girls on CBC/ Sex With Strangers in Kamloops

The Guilty About Girls song "Easy Satisfaction" closes out this week's CBC podcast by Grant Lawrence. Nice show, lot's of new songs and an article on booking shows.

And Sex With Strangers' new album "Frontier Justice" is #3 on the college charts in Kamloops this week as well.