Friday, April 30, 2010

New Video from Guilty About Girls "Candy Candy"

Produced by Boutique Empire
Directed by Guilty About Girls
Cinematography by Robert Edmonds
Editing by Mark R Henning

* special thanks to Dale Darlington for the use of his camera, and Isabelle Dunlop for her vocals and performance.

Please download this single from:

Candy Candy will also be available on the Boutique Empire:Rec'10 compilation.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Boutique Empire Recommends:Rec'10

This is a compilation disc (without the disc).

This is our first compilation, Boutique Empire:Rec'10.  It consists of thirteen songs by ten different artists.  Primarily focused on the Vancouver electronic scene and the bands of Boutique Empire, it features the latest singles from Guilty About Girls and Combine the Victorious as well as the newly remastered "New City Anthem" from Sex With Strangers.  Also making debuts on the compilation are songs from: Ten Suns, Ingrid Schroeder, Gilles Zolty, Piper Davis, Chiwawa and Mince.  

Boutique Empire is an artist's collective/record label from Vancouver Canada.  We started in 2008 by bonding the output of three bands (Sex With Strangers, Combine the Victorious and Guilty About Girls) under one label.  As of 2010 we now have six releases (including BE10006) from Boutique Empire.  This compilation was a way for us to expose our latest works as well as give light to a few fellow artists who all have new and exciting music.

Ingrid Schroeder is a singer/songwriter from London England.  Her history in the British music scene is well documented, with her solo album "Bee Charmer" released late 90's on East West.  Ingrid has a brand new album "Love Runs Faster" - release date summer 2010..


Combine the Victorious is an electronic duo from Vancouver Canada.  They have two albums out and are currently writing material for their third full length.  There are two songs included on this compilation: A Very Fun Life (new single) and a remix of the song The Hours (Spoonfed in Dehli Hippy Curry Mix) by Adam "Lurch" Percy. 


Marc Wild is a virtuouso guitarist and composer from Vancouver Canada.  He has just completed his debut EP which includes the song "Anna" as featured on this compilation. 

Gilles Zolty is a Canadian indie artist, formerly of Zolty Cracker and currently composing from his home in Saskatoon.  Following his first solo album, The Horny Astronaut, he is now set to release its follow up, 2010's Gilles Zolty


Piper Davis uses micro sampled beats, found sounds, bit and snippets to create her music.  A young Canadian artist making her own eclectic electronic style.  Currently working between Vancouver and Calgary, she is poised to make a large contribution to the music scene in Canada.  


Sex With Strangers have been rapidly gaining momentum in hometown Vancouver, with three albums released in three years, a video debut on Much Music, their first appearance at this year's SXSW festival and a summer of gigs lined up.  Their third album The Tokyo Steel has been getting wide exposure and notice, and their single New City Anthem, with it's accompanying video has found them in some illustrious company already.

Guilty About Girls is Jordy Birch and Mark Henning (both formerly of 90's rock ban Pure).  Described at "Buddy Holly meets Daft Punk", the two are quickly amassing a collection of songs that are as comfortable on the dance floor as the radio.  Candy Candy is their latest single. 

Chiwawa are an electronic duo originally from Europe and currently residing in Montreal, Canada.   With four albums to date, they are receiving a great deal of attention over their  latest "Bus Stop Chinese Buffet" from which the song "Don't Wanna Talk"  is taken.


Ten Suns are a new group from Vancouver Canada, comprising ten players, with live strings, horns and a full band to bring a full and lush sound to stage and record.   Their song "Go" is from their brand new debut EP "Just Sing On."


MInce is an electronic artist from Vancouver.  "No Loveliness"  features the Red on vocals.  Red is also the lead singer in Ten Suns. 


Track listing:
1] Ingrid Schroeder - Beat Up Little Box (remix)
2] Combine the Victorious vs. Lurch - The Hours (Spoonfed in Dehli Hippy Curry Mix)
3] Marc Wild - Anna
4] Gilles Zolty - Borntobetogether (rmx)
5] Piper Davis - Academics
6] Sex With Strangers - New City Anthem
7] Guilty About Girls - Candy Candy
8] Chiwawa - Dan't Wanna Talk
9] Ten Suns - Go
10 ] Mince - No Loveliness (featuring Red)
11] Sex With Strangers - I Will Be the Last One
12] Combine the Victorious - A Very Fun Life
13]  Guilty About Girls - Luv

** Video for New CIty Anthem produced by BKS Crew.

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Boutique Empire:Rec'10 (BE10006) will be digitally released worldwide on May 11th 2010.