Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Tokyo Steel out October 20th 2009

Yes that's right, the official release date for Sex With Strangers new album is October 20th 2009.

Sex With Strangers presents: THE TOKYO STEEL

Track order is;
1] Tokyo Steel
2] New City Anthem
3] We Want the Fire
4] Shibuya 10;13PM
5] Sharpen the Knife
6] Last of the Unreals
7] The Dawn of Sexy
8] Asakusa 12:13AM
9] (The Part Where You) Surrender
10] We Are the Ones
11] Only Where Night Allows
12] Shinagawa 2:13AM
13] I Will Be the Last One

More information to follow as we near the release date.

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  1. The excitement is palpable!!!!! Can't wait for the release!!!!!!