Friday, July 15, 2011

July Updates

With the inclusion of Sex With Strangers in The Peak 100.5's Peak Performance Project, the electro-punk group is busy working on fulfilling requirements for the contest as well as honing their live show for the upcoming showcases.   SWS will be playing shows in Alberta on the 21th thru 23rd of July. 

After nearly a year off from performing the duo Combine the Victorious has begun writing their third album.  Currently they have six or seven songs in demo'd state:  the goal is to release an EP in September 2011 with a full length album to follow in 2012.  The sound is still being nailed down but the early feeling is it will be more electronic than their first two releases, with a concentration on songs that can be performed as a duo.  More info to follow.

Guilty About Girls has been working with Australian remixer Ben Crea (Kreap) who has now provided them with four new versions of their songs.   The band is considering releasing these remixes as an EP, or consolidating them into a larger release to include several new tracks that are being recorded from Spring 2011 forward.   Guilty About Girls is also scheduled to perform August 21st at Live at Squamish this year, with a preview of that show available at The Waldorf on August 11th.

Guilty About Girls - Riviera (Kreap's mix) by KREAP

Gilles Zolty is busy working on various projects in Saskatchewan over the summer and we are hoping to hear some new material from him in the late fall of 2011. 

Lot's going on, plus we are now looking for a new act to join our roster.  Any recommendations? 

Have a good summer, thanks for reading. 

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