Monday, August 29, 2011

Sex With Strangers - Peak Performance video/Bootcamp

Sex With Strangers have recreated themselves, this time as eight year olds!  The following video was made as part of the 2011 Peak Performance Project, with the wonderfully talented and inspiring BKS Crew behind the camera once again.   Filmed at The Peak 100.5 FM radio station and the Boutique Empire studio here in Vancouver, everyone wants to thank the kids, their parents, and especially Cory Ashworth from The Peak.    Check it out, have a laugh!

Here's a little clip featuring front man Hatch Benedict (along with the rest of SWS) being interviewed by Laurie Logan (another DJ on The Peak)  up at the Bootcamp this past weekend.  Hatch shares his impressions of what he's learned so far at the Peak Performance Project camp.

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  1. Love the 'winning personality' section!