Friday, April 19, 2013

So West Coast - now with Robert Edmonds cover art

The word is getting out about So West Coast, the last Pure song Todd Simko played on, and thankfully we now have a  Robert Edmonds' designed cover for it too!  (original photo by Janis Nicolay

Please have a listen, download and share it!

A Change of Frequency music festival is getting some nice attention in the press and radio, thank you to everyone involved.  Tickets are available now, links at the site.  Be sure to join us all on May10th and 11th for a really fulfilling weekend of music.   The first Pure/Guilty About Girls rehearsal sounded surprisingly good, and Combine the Victorious has a new song to debut written expressly for our friend Todd Simko.  Quite looking forward to this one!

Thanks for checking it out.

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