Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flash Action Films Returns! "Baby Libertine"

Good friend Stefan Sigerson of Flash Action Films has just completed his second video this month, this time for Secret Agent Records recording artists The Vampire Bats.  Having seen this one develop over that past few months it seems that S.J. Sigerson has outdone himself yet again.

In an homage to Edie Sedgwick, Stefan and Marc Godfrey (singer of the Vampire Bats, and also assistant editor on this video and well as Smoke and Choke by Combine the Victorious) have recreated several famous photos from the Andy Warhol days of Factory Studio, all cut together with some very glamorous images of the Vampire Bats performing with special guest Jordy Birch (Guilty About Girls).  Special mention must also go to Julia Mauro who is playing the Edie Sedgwick role in the video. 

I think it's safe to say that Stefan has added video director/editor to his resume: have a look! 
Baby Libertine.

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