Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We visited "My Secret Gallery Vancouver"

Another amazing weekend in Vancouver.  Loved Khatsalano Festival on 4th.  Well done to everybody involved with that, really fun, loads of great bands and good vibes.   Plus a lovely garden party to end the night, what a fantastic day.

Earlier, on Friday we visited Chuk Foto at his My Secret Gallery; Vancouver and had a look around.  Isabelle and I were quite taken with a few prints at the Poster Show, and got a sneak peek at From Dark to Light in the main display room.   A secretive place for sure, hidden inconspicuously in the West End, Chuk has created an underground exhibiting space for Vancouver based artists. 

I had a brief interview with him about Poster Show as well as his latest show: From Dark to Light.  

You can reach Chuk Foto thru his site: http://mysecretgalleryvancouver.wordpress.com/
or check out is his own personal blog http://blacklettuce.blogspot.ca/

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