Saturday, August 31, 2013

Asylum - A Short Film by Vince Tuckwood

In addition to writing novels, composing and performing music, Vince Tuckwood is turning his talents to film making this year.  He has an inventive story that involves a twist on the haunted house story that he's written and now is looking to produce into a short film. 

artwork by Robert Edmonds
Vince has published four novels to date, his last book "Escalation" was published in partnership with Boutique Empire.  He has reworked his Family Rules novel into a screenplay (Inventing Kenny) and now looks forward to seeing his vision for Asylum captured for the screen.

The synopsis:
Sol plans to spend the night in an abandoned asylum with his three friends, and face up to its ghost of local rumor. Though skeptical, Sol seems ready to make sure his friends stay safe. At the first sign of the trouble, however, his friends flee, and Sol stands alone in facing the ghost.
And in an unexpected twist, it may just be the ghost that’s most affected by the confrontation.

Funding for the picture is very modest, the film is looking for only $5000 in backing funds.  If you have any interest in this side of the arts please have a look at his kickstarter and consider backing it.

Thanks for reading, now go check it out!

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