Monday, May 9, 2016

Records In My Life: Låpsley

This week we interviewed Holly Lapsley Fletcher, Låpsley, backstage at the Fortune Sound Club here in Vancouver before her first show in the city. Holly went back thru time to discuss some of her favorite albums over the past decade or so. Citing albums from Kurt Vile thru The Smiths, Fleetwood Mac as well as Gang Colours, she covered some interesting ground with her choices. Check it out.

This Låpsley episode of Records In My Life references the following albums:
1. Kurt Vile - B'lieve i'm goin down
2. Gang Colours - The Keychain Collection
3. Kings of Leon - Only By The Night
4. Fleetwood Mac - Tango In The Night
5. The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs

RIML is produced and hosted by Charles Brownstein
Direction, editing and videography by Mark Henning
Animations and logo by Susana Ramirez

Music Credits:
This Låpsley episode of RIML features the song "Hurt Me" by Låpsley from her "Long Way Home" album

Theme music is "Best Tonight" by Combine the Victorious

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