Saturday, August 13, 2016

RIML with July Talk

We had an interesting time filming this interview.  July Talk were opening for Red Hot Chili Pepppers at the Festival d'ete de Quebed this past July.  Because of a media blackout backstage, wherein no one was allowed within 100 meters of the RCHP we were carefully escorted around the backstage environment, and told to wait at the side of the stage until our interview time was at hand.  Then, mistakenly, our festival co-ordinator accidently led us through the Chili's change room in search of July' Talk's change room, wherein we were confronted by an angry road manager and told in no uncertain terms to leave, immediately.  Fortunately we then found the proper change rooms and met the highly excited Peter and Leah of July Talk who were happy to chat with us about the music that set them on their course as musicians. 

A crowd of 90 000 people gathered that evening for the show, and we could hear the building crowd gaining size and excitement in the background during our interview.  Still an hour and half away from the opening act's showtime, there were football chants and general crowd shouting happening so loudly that they cut into our lavalier mics, which you can hear during the interview.

Leah and Peter were visibly excited, as this was the biggest date July Talk had ever played but they still were grounded enough to give us some cool albums to listen to and went into detail about what turned them on. 

Thanks so much to July Talk, the wonderful people of Festival d'ete de Quebec, and the great people of Quebec City for such a fantastic time there.  Have a look!

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