Thursday, July 29, 2021

La Faena - a short film

I'm really excited to present the finished short film by the flamenco dance troupe Calle Verde.

Back at the beginning of June we went to the top of Queen Elizabeth part and filmed Calle Verde dancing the story of La Faena. The story involves a bull who is transported from his fields to the bullring. Here the bull encounters a bull fighter and a struggle ensues. However both parties have a change of heart.

Calle Verde is a well known flamenco dance group in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The three, Maria Avila, Michelle Harding, and Peter Mole have become a fixture of the local scene. This short film is their entrance into the 2021 Flamenco de la Isla Society of Victoria BC. It debuted on June 22nd. 

Helping me with this project was Isabelle Dunlop who assisted and shot second camera. Together we filmed at 7AM in the QE Park, surrounded by a large early morning Tai Chi class and the comings and going of the Vancouver parks board. I'm very proud of this film as it presented me with many challenges and the results look great! 

If you enjoyed this please check out Calle Verde as they are currently performing Friday evenings at the Havana Theatre on Commercial Drive here in Vancouver. 

Produced by Boutique Empire

Directed and Edited by Mark R Henning

Camera Operators Isabelle Dunlop and M R Henning

Original music by Peter Mole except "El Toro" by Maria Avila

Chreographed and performed by Maria Avila and Michelle Harding.

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