Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Combine the Victorious is set to release their second collection of songs, an ep titled Disagreements.  Seven songs all centered around the past 18 months in the lives of Combine's main players, Isabelle Dunlop and Mark R Henning.  The songs and subject matter are darker than on their first album, The World Over, reflecting the realities of life in Vancouver.  The lyrics speak of betrayal, disillusionment and greed but ultimately offer a resolve and hope, something always at the base of what Combine offers.  

For the first time the duo has co-written a song with their friends Ingrid Schroeder and Barry Flynn, the result of which is their new song Please.  Videos have been storyboarded for the song Back In Style, and they are working on a concept for Please as well

Joining the two on record and stage are Todd Simko (former guitarist with Pure) and Kevin Jones (The February March) as well as featured appearances from Ingrid Schroeder and Barry Flynn. 

The ep consists of seven tracks:
1. Charmer
2. Decay
3. Fat Kids Big Cars
4. Back In Style
5. Where Are You
6. Segue - Please
7. Please

Disagreements will become available on iTunes and other music sites on November 25th.  Please refer to the band's website for other information regarding the songs and release.  Song may be previewed now on

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