Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mission Statement

First post on this site.  

Hello.  We're just getting started but we've had a good first half year so far.  Born on a concept and a  verbal agreement, Boutique Empire came into being in the spring of 2008.  Essentially we are an artist's collective from Vancouver, Canada.   In July we set The Modern Seduction loose on the world with all the robot rock and concept album futuristic fury that Sex With Strangers could imagine.    In October Guilty About Girls put out their first ep, understatedly titled EP1.  And now on November 25th Combine the Victorious is set to release their second collection of songs: Disagreements.

Boutique Empire is a group of Vancouver artists that have agreed to wear the label on our releases and support each other through obvious things like performing on each other's albums, or producing the recordings, or creating the artwork for the albums, or co-ordinating events that overlap with all our creative offerings.  Currently the group consists of three bands, a graphic artist and a fashion designer: Combine the Victorious, Sex With Strangers, Guilty About Girls, Robert Edmonds, and Isabelle Dunlop.  Ex-members of the band Pure are integral to the group as Mark R Henning, Jordy Birch and Todd Simko are all involved with most of the projects in one form or other.  

Art openings, fashion shows, mixed media events and of course concerts are all part of the Boutique Empire vision.  Hopefully in the future both video and cinema may be included as well.   Anything that inspires.

Please check out our various websites for updates or latest events.

All our artist are available for listening on please tune in for a listen.  

Thank you for reading this, hope to start posting here regularly.  Cheers!!

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