Monday, February 7, 2011

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Guilty About Girls — The Very Best Of

Music Review
Guilty About Girls' The Very Best Of
Jordy Birch's nine lives continue with the emergence of Guilty About Girls, his latest musical project. Birch broke out in the '90s with Vancouver outfit Pure, who had some moderate success with singles like "Anna Is A Speed Freak" and "Chocolate Bar." But the singer is probably best known post-millennially for his solo single "Moola Moola" and its tongue-in-cheek video which stormed up the MuchMusic charts back in 2002.

Nine years later, Birch and co-conspirator Mark Henning have scored yet another hit with GAB's first single "Candy Candy," a catchy pop-rock number which sounds little like any of Birch's previous work. Instead, all seven tracks on the duo's debut owe a debt to '80s synth-rock bands like New Order, whose slinky guitar lines are liberally cribbed on tracks like "Easy Satisfaction."

But Guilty About Girls' more obvious influences don't get in the way of what is really a collection of fantastically catchy tunes. Birch has once again proven he's one of the best and most underrated pop songwriters around.
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