Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rob Edmonds paints We Are Local Pop Up

The illustrious Robert Edmonds has just painted the front window of the We Are Local pop up shop on Main Street here in Vancouver.  He is the first of six local artists that will be designing the front window display to the store, a new one each week.  Today he was putting the finishing touches on the window, a transfer of one of his "Day At the Races" series, made life sized on glass.

It will only be up for one week so please make a note to look up at 2539 Main St (Main and 10th), the site of the Whoa!  Nellie Bike Shop (who have graciously provided the space and temporarily moved upstairs).

The We Are Local pop up shop will feature gift boxes that will contain items from over 60 local businesses, apparently there will packages available for guys, gals, grey sky days, hipsters and more.  Drop in and find out more.

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