Monday, May 13, 2013

Pure / Guilty About Girls at A Change of Frequency

Saturday night was a full night of music at the Change of Frequency festival. Eight bands on stage in total, but it's been suggested that the highlight of the evening went to Todd Simko's former bandmates.  Performing three classic Pure songs from back in the day, as well as two more current Guilty About Girls tracks, the remaining original members were joined by  other friend's of Todd's to recreate those songs.

Jordy Birch and Mark Henning were complimented onstage by Justin "Juice" Kadis and Misty Reid (formerly of the Yoko Casionos and currently members of Combine the Victorious) as well as Stefan Sigerson and Guilty About Girls drummer Lucas Poth.   Leigh Grant, original drummer of Pure, was also called up to make a special appearance on the kit for a very authentic version of Denial.  Isabelle Dunlop from Combine the Victorious joined the group for the last two Guilty About Girls songs as well.

With eight acts to perform in one night the sets were fairly short, but Pure / Guilty About Girls managed to squeeze in several old favorites.  The set order ran as follows:
Blast (from the Pureafunalia album)
Anna is a Speed Freak (off Generation Six Pack)
Denial (Generation Six Pack)
Candy Candy (The Very Best of...)
Polygraph (The Very Best of...)

The band for the evening comprised:
vocals: Jordy Birch
keyboards: Mark Henning
drums: Lucas Poth / Leigh Grant
lead guitar: Justin "Juice" Kadis
rhythm guitar: Misty Reid
bass guitar: Stefan Sigerson
guest vocals; Isabelle Dunlop

(Thanks to Rod Grim for shooting video on the night)

It was a great event, for a good cause (Canadian Mental Health Association), and everyone had a great time.  Big thanks must go out to Minna Simko for organizing the entire thing, as well as the excellent crew who ensured everything went smoothly and professionally: Bob, Brian, Chris, Boris, and Jason all deserve special praise for their professionalism and great spirit!

Thanks for reading.

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