Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Industry @ Media Club

Industry night is just around the corner at the Media Club starting next Monday, October 7th.

Oct 7th.  To make our first show something special we've asked comedian Simon King to host the evening.  The man is truly funny.  Check out the clip below.  Along with Simon there will be two other special guest comedians with DJ's Cory and Co. closing the evening with the best of party tunes to make next Monday a stellar time!   Musical guests for the night at Megabear.  

Oct 14th is not an official Industry night, however there will still be late night dancing with H&M Soundsystem providing the tunes and drink specials into the wee hours. 

Oct 21st is looking to be a fantastic night.  We have Light Organ recording artists Japanese Girls on stage, with guest hosts Hatch Benedict and Wedge Beavers from the band Sex With Strangers interviewing the band and offering their unique take on the music biz.  The evening's DJ's are Cory & Co. once again, spinning some happy tunes to make Monday nights into the dance party it needs to be! Check out the new EP from Japanese Girls below.

Oct 28th is another great night, with the smokey voiced Legs on stage to provide a sultry blues infused rock and roll evening.  Benn McGuire will Host.   Music by H&M Soundsystem.

This is going to be the most fun people have had on a Monday in Vancouver since this century began!  Come early for the show, and stay for the dancing! (Jack Daniels has sponsored our night, so please inquire at the bar for the evening's drink specials!) 

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