Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Archive: Blisterene - Broadcast Nationwide video

Blisterene had a busy year in 1997. We'd recorded our debut album, a ten song collection titled "So I Have Them" and already made one video. Broadcast Nationwide was a follow up to Gratitude and directed by Shawn Carnegie. We made this one on 16mm film and shot some of the footage in my brother's former business office on Marine Drive in Vancouver,

This was a fun video to shoot, thanks to Shawn and Tod Van Dyk who master minded the affair. This was a great underground video with many hours in an elevator and then even more running around the stairwells of the Pacific Centre mall. I have fond memories of this one, probably the easiest set I've ever been on. We all had fun, though worked a couple long days to create this!

The yellow walled rehearsal footage was shot at Les's place, (aka Malcolm Tente) where we actually recorded our album. Interesting times back then.

Band: Blisterene
Song: Broadcast Nationwide
Album: So I Have Them
Released: 1997

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