Monday, April 6, 2020

Art During COVID19: Zombie Roof - Automatic Lyric Video

This weekend I cut together a video for the band Zombie Roof. Earlier this year we made a full length album at the wonderful Hipposonic Studio here in Vancouver. Hipposonic is essentially the reincarnation of Little Mountain Sound Studios, in the former studio B. A fantastic spot with incredible rock and roll history (Bruce Fairburn and Bob Rock made several platinum selling albums in the studio) we recorded and mixed 10 songs in a week (yes I like to work quickly).

Just ahead a couple months and we are all in isolation and life has all but stopped for most of us. The band members have been proactive though and set about releasing video singles to share their music. Singer Trent sent me some footage that had a very cool "comic book" filter set on it, turning it to an almost rotoscoped looking black and white image. He also cut in some old archival footage in between his lip sync and I thought he had something cool. I requested everybody in the band do a similar thing and then transfer me their footage. I'd then cut together a lyric video from their stuff.

So on Saturday I received four different performances, all made in various spots around the province, all separately but of course all playing to the same song. I placed them on a timeline and within a couple minutes I knew instantly that it should look good. An evening of editing and tweaking and voila, a new video for Zombie Roof: Automatic.

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