Wednesday, March 20, 2024

The Wivez - Boyz Toyz

Recorded this past winter, here is the double A-side release from the elusive indie rocker The Wivez featuring Boy Toy and Black Shellac.  


The Wivez are Jordy Birch, Rob Edmonds, Slam and Bean. I've know Jordy for 36 years when I was hired to be a touring member of the band After All in 1988. Later we went on to form the alternative rock band Pure in the early 90's. These many years later we are still working well together and this single is a strong indicator of what we can do in the studio. 

The Wivez - Boyz Toyz

Recorded at Boutique Empire Studio, Vancouver, Canada

Engineered and mixed by Mark Henning

Co-produced with The Wivez and Mark Henning

Mastered by Jordy Birch

Artwork and graphic design by Robert Edmonds


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