Sunday, April 10, 2011

Robert Edmonds hangs at Dunlop Pop Up

    A week in and the Isabelle Dunlop Pop Up Shop is in full swing.  Her spring collection: dresses, sweaters, scarves, necklaces all on display (along with a selection of the Boutique Empire music library).

    On Saturday, the long appreciated and loved artist, Robert Edmonds, dropped off a brand new painting, which shows Isabelle as a young girl standing with her horse "Hamish."  (detailed image below)

The shop now has two original painting adorning its walls.  The first is an abstract by Jordy Birch titled "The Meek Won't Want It" (acrylic on canvas, 4'x6' - pictured above) the second is the Robert Edmonds (80x60 acrylic on canvas - formal title still to be determined).
Open daily Tuesday thru Sunday, Noon until 5PM (later if necessary).  196 Kingsway, Vancouver (corner of Kingsway and 10th Ave E) 

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  1. Thanks as always for your support - the store is amazing!! Congrats Isabelle.