Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Records in My Life: Joanna Gruesome

 Northern Transmissions and Boutique Empire presents this week's episode of Records in My Life featuring Owen Guesome from the Welsh band Joanna Gruesome.   Owen joined us in the lobby of the illustrious Cobalt Motor Hotel to discuss a few of the albums that had made impressions on him, the band's music and in the case of Nina Simone, he just loves!   A couple surprising picks in this list for sure, check it out.

Host and producer: Charles Brownstein
Videography direction editing: Mark Henning
Animations and logos: Susana Ramirez

Filmed at the Cobalt Motor Hotel, right beside the Cobalt Nightclub,

Intro Theme Music: Best Tonight by Combine the Victorious

Episode features the song Last Year by Joanna Gruesome

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