Thursday, October 20, 2016

What inspires Sex With Strangers? #RIML

Records In My Life had the pleasure of interviewing Hatch Benedict and Cory Price of the band Sex With Strangers just before soundcheck at the Fox Cabaret this October.  Sex With Strangers
is celebrating their sixth studio album, "Discourse," produced by Jason Corbett (Northern Light Records). 
Sex With Strangers have a new video out for the first single Gift of Fear and are already in production with the follow up. 

The band goes back a long ways with me, and a big part of my love for them has always been their humour.  I think the interview shows a glimpse into the world of Sex With Strangers, though it would take more than six minutes to capture the energy of friends making music together for 20 years!

In case you've missed SWS's immense repertoire over the past decade, here's a fun place to start.  New City Anthem from their Tokyo Steel album.

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