Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Records In My Life: Health

This week's episode features Jacob and John from the Los Angeles band Health.  We filmed them in the hidden ballroom of the former Biltmore Hotel amid the mirrors and chandeliers.  Jake and John were filled with stories and humour and offered up a collection of esoteric albums from their past.  They spoke about the Stooges, Steve Reich, Crass and Ex Models as well as Andrew WK and Xui Xui.  Truly one of the funnier episodes we've filmed.  Check it out!

Producer and host: Charles Brownstein for Northerntransmissions.com
Directer and editer: Mark Henning
Videography: Benn McQuire and Mark Henning
Animations and RIML logo: Susana Ramirez

This episodes features the song "New Coke" from the Health album Death Magic
Intro theme is Best Tonight by Combine the Victorious from their album Autonomous

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