Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Pop Drops at Isabelle Dunlop Clothing

We had our Boutique Empire xmas party last December and have just gotten around to editing together the footage from that night.  We shall soon be revealing the live performance of The Population Drops at Isabelle Dunlop Clothing.

Titled "Dark Matters" after the artist Jean Vercoe's series of the same name, we shall soon be airing the mini documentary of Mr. Vercoe's artwork as well as a five song set by The Population Drops.

It was a great party and the shop was filled by the band's music.  

Filmed live at Isabelle Dunlop Clothing Store, 41 58 Main Street, Vancouver Canada 
Produced by Boutique Empire
Videography by Mark Henning and Sean McFarland
Editing by Henning
Artwork by Jean Vercoe

The Population Drops performed the following songs from their debut album
Way Down:

1. Enough
2. Marketplace
3. What You're After
4. On Your Dress
5. Find Another End

Video will debut soon!


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