Monday, January 11, 2016

Records In My Life: Saul Williams

Northern Transmissions and Boutique Empire present another episode of Records In My Life, this week featuring poet, actor, singer, rapper, spoken word artist Saul Williams.  Saul was a real pleasure to meet, we hung out backstage at the Commodore for over an hour waiting for headliner K-OS to complete his soundcheck and spent the time chatting about various bands, and influencial albums.  He has had a colourful career, starting in Brooklyn and now living in LA, and like most stage actors has a strong love for musicals, which is why he leads off his choices with the original cast recording of Sarafina, and then moves onto Jesus Christ Superstar!  Then, and we didn't have time to include the entire segment, but he spoke at great length about the Bristol movement in the 90's, siting Portishead, Tricky, Goldie, LTJ Bukem and added in Bjork.

"I may have been living in Brooklyn at the time but my apartment was Bristol!"

We all had a marvelous time hanging out with this talented artist, and wish him great success on his soon to be released album MartyrLoserKing.

Produced and hosted by Charles Brownstien - Northern Transmissions
Directed and edited by Mark Henning - Boutique Empire
Videography: Katharine Schultz and Mark Henning
Animations and RIML logo: Susana Ramirez

The episode featured the song Burundi (feat. Emily Koko) off the Saul Williams album MartyrLoserStar.

Intro theme: Best Tonight by Combine the Victorious from the Autonomous album. 

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